Please know that I have contracted discounted rates with several treatment centers in the US that are listed on this website.

I believe that these treatment centers are some of the best in the country. I am in no way affiliated with any treatment center or program.

We do not receive any financial reward from any treatment center.

In the past few years many interventionists have been "born," especially since the reality TV show, “Intervention.”

Please be sure that your interventionist has the credentials to manage this life saving process. 

I am a board certified interventionist and have been working in the field of addiction medicine since 1984. My knowledge, experience and resources are extensive. 

Confidentiality and respect is the foundation of our reputation and success. 

My voice mail and email is confidential, and you can contact me 24/7. 

We travel anywhere in the U.S, South America, Australia and Europe with offices in Southern California, Oregon and Tennessee. Intervention fees are due at the time you reserve the intervention date. 


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