During Treatment and Post Discharge

Participation in the family program at the treatment center of choice is strongly recommended. We know that family members are experiencing the same pain and fear that the patient is experiencing. Without family participation there is a significant chance that the patient will discharge into an environment that is potentially sabotaging to the recovery process. 

A specific discharge plan is given to your patient and the family upon discharge by the treatment center. This plan will offer the best chance for long-term recovery. This may include extended treatment, individual and family counseling, 12 step participation or psychiatric care in your home area. It is my goal to continue to stay as involved as you and your patient will allow during the treatment process and post discharge by acting as a liaison between the treatment center of choice and the family and intervention participants. I offer this level of involvement for 90 days starting the day of hire at no additional cost beyond the intervention fee. Either an intervention assistant or myself will be on call for you and the intervention participants 24/7.