What Is An Intervention?

Intervention is a process in which we help you come together as a group from a loving and respectful place to help someone who is suffering in their life from addiction, depression, eating disorders, compulsive gambling or sexual compulsivity. 

Our process is designed to provide a window of opportunity for treatment, recovery and change–not only for the effected person–but for your family as well. Treatment will help you to rediscover your life, inspire and give hope where hope has been lost to fear, desperation and anger. Intervention can be preventative as opposed to a last resort as the result of a life threatening crisis, physical harm, legal issues, divorce or termination from a job. 

No interventionist can or should promise you that your loved one will enter treatment. No matter how difficult the case, we promise you that this will be an opportunity for change, for hope and for a second chance at your life. 

We believe that the addiction or compulsive behavior is just one symptom of this illness and that entering treatment to address the underlying issues is what works. A promise to stop without formal treatment from your patient is never long lived and nothing more than good intentions and often is just another failed attempt which continues the vicious cycle of anger, frustration and additional loss of hope.

As a recovering person myself for the past 26 years and working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 25 years, I understand firsthand how the addicted person and the family are affected. Addiction and depression will not go away by itself or because of a promise made out of desperation, or a plea from an act of shame or a legal confrontation; it is an illness that if left untreated is destructive to family and children, plus is life threatening.

We believe that entering treatment gives the suffering individual and your family an opportunity to focus on themselves with as little distraction as possible, to regain clarity and emotional strength to fight for a new life, an opportunity that will never exist while addiction is active. Addiction steals self-respect and hope. The treatment centers that we work with are ones that we know and trust and have worked with for many years.

Our promise is to be there for you before, during, and after the treatment experience, and to continue to guide you and your family through early recovery. Intervention should be thought of as the beginning of a process and not a onetime eve